Moonlight Magic

Have you ever gazed the night sky where there is nothing in the vastness but moon and stars?  Have you ever felt  the presence of it’s might and the beauty that it entails.  See how it majestically dance in the night sky telling you how the wonder of being is unquestionably marvelous.
I spent my younger years in a village which is situated in a very small town just few kilometers away from the foot of a mountain.  A place where simplicity and mysticism is a way of life.  A place where everything seems to be in a  normal motion, no fast forwards and no deadlines.  A place where I can  really enjoy gazing the moon and ensemble of stars. There were moments then where i just close my eyes and feel the magic that it brings to my senses.  It also brought romance to my heart entwined with so much passion to love and be loved.
 I  am city dweller now and gazing the moon from this place gave me a diffent perspective in life .  I don’t see stars anymore due to the strong city lights that covers the night sky. The so much buzz in the city and the future that it promise  slightly intoxicates my mind with complicated dreams forgetting that the simple beauty of the moonlit is enough to entice the life with happiness.  The moon along side with sky scrapers in the city has become just a decoration which are competing for my attention.
In the village or in the city, the moon goes out in the night sky every once in a while to majestically show it’s beauty and  to  remind me that where ever place I am,  its power will never cease to light up my night.
Have a magical night everyone.


This time it is all about SPIKY PLANT with Peter.

Yesterday afternoon, as we walk home from the school, we passed by a garden with plant full of thorns and he pertain to it as a SPIKY PLANT. He point to it and said: Daddy, that is a very spiky plant, do you know that it is very dangerous to touch and if you touch it you’ll get hurt. Do you know who made spiky plant?. Of course, the Lord God made the spiky plant. He responded, do you mean there is a good God and there is a bad God?. Because the spiky plant hurt us and that is bad. It took a while for me to answer back because I can’t find a quick answer to his question but thankfully I did. I said, no, there is no bad God, only good God. The spiky plant has spikes to protect itself if someone wants to hurt it, just like you and Totom, God gave daddy and mommy to you to protect you. Still with looks of confusions he just answered back, OK.

This encounter with my son reminds me of a short story I watched months ago from the youtube entitled “A Tale Of Momentum & Inertia” – Short Film (please watch the attachment to enjoy it visually.)

It is already written in the book of our lives that we will experience a human being should experience and this is what being human is all about. Problems, heartaches, death of a love ones, failures, being fired from work, being tortured, abandonment, rejections, and many other untoward life experiences are parts of our lives. To some, the words of why lord , what have I done wrong to deserve this, I thought you are a good God, comes out of their mouths when they experience these aspects of life. This might be our thoughts in times of trouble and just like the spiky plant, Peter thought it is a bad thing that it has thorns yet he doesn’t know that it offers protection to the plant. Just like our problems in our lives, we thought this is a bad thing but the truth is, it offers protection to us. It is there for us to be dependent to God. For us to pray harder and believe that everything will be alright.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.”

Back to the short film you’ve watched. At the start ,the giant stone protects the kingdom from destruction but because the kings men go against him thus, he let the kingdom be destroyed in the end .

With our God, it will never happen. He will allow difficult times in our lives but he will never let us be destroyed. The truth is, He already died for our sins to save us.

Reflect, reflect, reflect…….. When trouble comes our way, let us utter THANK YOU LORD instead of WHY LORD.


Should I love ?


Should I love you even though it seems that you don’t know how to love?. Should I give my self to you, even if you seems not to care?. Should I bear the pain only to prove that I love you?. Should I keep on waiting for the time when you tell me and show that you do love me?. Should I love you even though it hurts?. Should I love you even though you are different?. So many questions about love but should we really doubt if we are really in love?

To love is to sacrifice.

These doubtful questions weren’t in the heart of Jesus when He saves us because HE love us. He tought and showed us that to love is to offer oneself as a sacrifice.

To love is to be selfless

There are so many stories about failed marriages but there are also many success stories about saved marriages or relationships because of being selfless of one or the other. It is not easy to fix broken marriages especially when there’s infidelity. But if you really love the person as well as the people involved like your children, you are willing to be selfless for love to thrive.

To love is to bear the pain.

We tend to hurt the ones we love and yes there is a certain point that we are the ones getting hurt. Is it because, we do not love much that’s why we are getting hurt or hurtsomeone or is it just part of being in love?. Bearing the pain of loosing, being left behind, misunderstood, betrayed by someone is an act of love.

To love is to give and to understand.

We have all our differences, it could be in religion, social up bringing or status, sexual preferences, skin color, culture, attitude, age, ideologies, indifference and so many other things but it should not be a hinder for us not to understand.

Love is to be patient

Life is not designed to be instant, it takes 9 months to bear a child, it take years to reach maturity or old age, it take years to reach your goals, and it takes a lifetime to live. In between those time, we need patience.

Love is the most important emotion that we posses, but it is not just an emotion but a decision to take and a spiritual journey to travel. We may experience a lot of things in our lifetime but the most wonderful and precious is to truly love and be loved.

To give our HEART, MIND and SOUL for LOVE, serves our purpose and mission in life.


“Daddy wake up, it is morning!. Daddy, I am your human clock nakhon? (right?). Peter, my Peter, it is not only me who woke up but everyone else in the house as well, because of your loud and excited voice.
To reflect about this scenario with my son. Our existense do not only consist of just one dimension but a complex situation. It is not really an easy abstract which can’t be solved by ourselves alone. We should not only be concern about ourselves but also about others and the things that stimulates our consciousness. Just like our lives, we all have physical and spiritual beings which both should be nurtured. We should not give more attention over the other or vise versa.
The thing is, we cannot do it alone.We need a great mechanic to align us,direct us, fix us and trouble shoots us.
ACT 17:28 ‘for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’
My dear friends, It is time to wake up and we cannot be awaken by just a soft voice but by a voice of strength and power. Just like what my son did to awaken my consciousness, he used a loud and excited voice. GOD is waking up my spirit with strength and power.
Give your spirit a chance of nurturing and health because it is also as important as your life. So WAKE UP, IT IS MORNING.

PERA O LIGAYA (ikalawang bahagi)

Naibahagi ko sa unang salaysay ko na maaaring mangyari sa buhay ng tao na wala ka na ngang pera tapos dika parin maligaya. Ito ay aking napatunayan sa aking sariling karanasan. Pera ang isang dahilan kung bakit ako napadpad sa bansang ngayon ay aking kinalalagakan. Lumayo sa pamilya at sa bansang sinilangan upang humanap ng pera ganon narin ang ligaya. Napakaraming kagaya ko ang nilisan ang pamilya para kumita ng pera. Nagtitiis at nagsasakripisyo para sa pera at pangarap para sa sarili at pamilya.
Ramdam na ramdam ko ang kahirapan kahit na kumikita ng pera sa ating bayan at mas nagiging mahirap dahil sa bukod sa kahirapan ay di ko pa nasusumpungan ang ligayang inaasam. Walang kapanatagan at kasiyahan kaya minarapat na lamang hanapin ang pera at sarili sa ibang bayan. Nagtiis at nagsumikap para kumita ng matustusan ang pangangailangan ng sarili at ng pamilya. Kumayod at nag sikripisyo subalit parang tila kulang pa. Lumiit o lumaki man ang kinikita, parang walang pinag kaiba, dahil sa huli ay mauubos o tila kulang pa.
Lumipas ang panahon, hindi ko namalayan na unti unti naring nakaligtaan ang paghahanap sa sariling kaligayahan dahil walang ibang nasa isip kundi ang magpayaman. Mabuti na lamang at ang pag aasawa ay nasumpungan, at bumuo ng sariling pamilya ay natagpuan. Ang pagpapamilya pala ay hindi laro lamang, ika nga ng matatanda, “ito ay hindi kaning isusubo na iluluwa kapag napaso”. Hindi lamang pala puso at laman ang puhunan kundi iyong buhay at kaluluwa ang ilalaan. Noong una ang sabi ko, ano bang buhay itong pinasok ko, kaya bang maitaguyod ang dadag na obligasyon sa buhay ko ?. Hindi kaya naman napasubo lang ako at dumambot ng bato para ipukpok sa ulo?
Dumalangin sa Diyos na ako ay tulungan dahil hindi ko ito kaya ng mag-isa lamang. Sa paglipas ng ilang taon, unti unting nakalimutan ang magpayaman dahil sa asawa at anak, na ngayon ay dalawa na ang bilang. Noong unang ako ay nag iisa pa, sa pagising sa umaga ay kape at tinapay lang ang kasama, ngayon ay boses ng asawa at mga anak na makukukulit pa ang mang gigising sa umagang kay ganda. Kung noong una, ang perang kinikita ay di alam kung anong paglalagakan ngayon ay pamilya naman ang tiyak na paglalaanan. Kung noon ay pagod at nahihirapan ngayon ay mas pagod ay mas nahihirapan subalit malaki ang aking pasasalamat sapagkat hindi ko namalayan na sa sariling pamilya pala na binuo ng Diyos makakamtan ang ligayang matagal ng inaasam.
Hindi ko man nakamtan ang maraming pera na noon ay pangarap subalit salamat sapagkat aking natagpuan ang walang katumbas na yaman. Payak man ang buhay, lubos kong ipinagpapasalamat sa Diyos ang regalong pamilya na mas higit pa sa maraming pera. Hindi parin naman ako nawawalan ng pag asa na maari paring magkaroon ng maraming pera at kasabay nito ay ang masayang pamilya.
Mga kaibigan, ating ibuhos ang ating tibay at lakas para sa pamilya at kung ano man ang nakakapagdulot sa iyo ng ligaya, ang akin lamang maipapayo ay HUWAG MAGPAKA PAGOD PARA SA PERA kundi MAGPAKAPAGOD PARA SA LIGAYA dahil masasayang lang ang perang inipon mo kung sa huli ay nakalimutan mong bigyan ng panahon ang sarili at pamilya mo.